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Penalty Kick

Virtual Goalie, Real Challenge

Screenshot of Penalty Kick



Tools Of The Trade:


Penalty Kick is an AR game where players play indoor soccer with fully simulated vitrual goalkeepers and stadiums.

Impact Wall is a venue in the entertainment quarter where players interact with virtual characters to enjoy excellent games. We developed a number of projects for them, including Penalty Kick and eSoccer, where players can enjoy games of indoor soccer with fully simulated virtual goalkeepers and stadiums.

We were approached to develop a partially-completed AR game, which needed an experienced team to help carry it to completion. We were then able to complete the existing project in approximately two weeks, helping turn a proof-of-concept into a fully fleshed game that became the most flagship title of Impact Wall as a business.

"Reuben and No Moss Studios delivered exemplary work for me. They were able to deliver high quality work on a very strained budget. Beyond that, they went out of their way to make sure that they weren’t just completing tasks that I set out for them, but were collaborating and suggesting improvements to achieve the best possible outcome. Working with them was, and continues to be, a great experience."

Ronan Glennane, CEO of Ronan Glennane Productions