The Master's Pupil is now available on PS5 and Xbox!

Full-stack Game Development

Games can be a wonderful educational or training tool, marketing campaign, or pastime. Our dedicated team will happily walk you through the entire process, from conception to production to launch! We’re well-versed in development across a variety of engines and tech stacks, both back-end and front-end, offering UI design, QA support, and both 2D and 3D art services.

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Games we make

In the past, we’ve made games for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • An illustration of a horse with a briefcase and tie. They look like a salesperson.

    Games for Marketing Campaigns

    Games are a great way to captivate an audience. Let us help you create a fun, engaging experience for your customers!

  • An illustration of a horse with geeky glasses and wild hair. They are studying a book.

    Educational Games / Training Tools

    Whether it’s a training simulator or interactive fiction, making learning fun makes it more effective too!

  • An illustration of a horse running with a paint brush in their maw.

    Games for Entertainment

    Have a dream idea you want to realise? We can help with the programming, art and more!

How we work

As a studio, we care deeply about the quality of our games, but also everyone involved.

That means supporting you throughout the process. Whether it’s workshopping your idea till we’re confident about it, or being transparent about our processes and deliveries, mutual communication and trust is core to everything we do.

It’s tough getting games out there! Let’s work together to make it happen.

A photograph of Reuben play Hexgrove Books.

Hexgrove Books, a cross-platform Agile training simulator we made for No Moss.

Hear from folks we've worked with

Despite my high opinion of Noble Steed Games, they still managed to exceed my expectations on quality and communication  during the development process. The team's ability to challenge me safely about the best practices for the product ultimately led to a better product!

Sean Coles No Moss Co for Hexgrove Books

Games for every platform

Our team has had its hands on projects for a variety of platforms, such as:

  • PC icon.
    PC and Mac
  • Steam logo.
  • Epic Online Store logo.
    Epic Online Store
  • Nintendo Switch logo.
    Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox logo.
  • Playstation logo.
  • Android logo.
  • IOS logo.


Full-stack Game Development

We have made many wonderful games from conception to launch. Whether its for a marketing campaign, to educate someone, or a pure passion project, we've helped create games of all varieties and purposes. Our team's technical experience means we excel at making games for a myriad of platforms, be it Android/IOS, AR/VR, Web or something more bespoke.

Cool stuff we've made in the past

Multiplayer Networking

We have extensive experience and knowledge about online multiplayer networking, using the latest tools such as Photon PUN, Photon Fusion and Photon Quantum (Those major projects are still under NDA, though!) In addition, we've written a variety of multiplayer game development resources as well as run several multiplayer networking talks with the folks at Photon itself!

Cool stuff we've worked on in the past


Our dedicated and experienced team has helped bring concepts to life efficiently and effectively. Whether its an idea for a new marketing campaign, educational tool or passion project, we're excited to help make new games with you!

Cool stuff we've made in the past


We've ported games to the usual PS5, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, Android/IOS, AR/VR, but we never shy away from a technical challenge. Come chat to us about full-stack-game-development to bespoke platforms like Arcade Cabinets, feature phones or even smart TVs. We'd love to help you reach new audiences!

Cool stuff we've worked on in the past

General Programming Support

We care deeply for the projects we're working on, as well as the people involved! Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we'll help iron out technical problems, plus leave your team better off to handle them in the future.

Cool stuff we've worked on in the past

QA Services

Making sure your game is working in tip-top shape is a must! Let us help make sure your games are the best they can be with rigorous testing and quality checks.

Cool stuff we've worked on in the past

Other Support

As a studio that values making a difference in the game industry wherever we can, we hope that any experience working with us will leave teams better. Whether it's technical knowhow or cultural changes, we're a friendly steed ready to guide you and your team.