The Master's Pupil is now available on PS5 and Xbox!

The Master's Pupil

A handpainted adventure through Monet's eye


Screenshot of The Master's Pupil


PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox.

Tools Of The Trade:


The Master’s Pupil is a hand painted puzzle-adventure story set in the eye of 19th century impressionist painter Claude Monet.

As you explore the eye of this master painter, experience a unique and surreal biographical adventure. Test your skills and perseverance as you overcome the progressive disease that threatened Monet’s eyesight and solve puzzles to help the painter complete some of his greatest masterpieces!

We helped Pat port this beautiful game onto the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 and Xbox. After rigorous QA testing, we're glad to have helped make this game available for more people to play!

Dev Notes:

Grant was responsible for porting The Master's Pupil to the Switch, collaborating closely with Ronnie for QA testing. It was a pleasure to work with Pat, and we even went on to chat with him about how he went about solo development for this game! During one of our Studio's weekly chill hours, Ronnie even showed off the game and its unique puzzles. They were great fun!

themasterspupil dev note image.

"Noble Steed Games are a genuine joy to work with. Very relaxed, honest, and casual, yet also somehow quite professional and efficient. They expertly set up my first game for porting, they made a very stressful part of game development very easy indeed."

Pat Naoum, developer of The Master's Pupil