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WIP Night

An animated drawing of Horsey. One half of horsey is rendered in great detail, meanwhile the other half is a childish doodle. Horsey's front leg is animated to raise and fold.

A celebration of work-in-progress and upcoming video games by Australian game developers in Sydney. Tickets coming soon!

What's happening?

A lot of creativity, technical skill and hard work goes into making games. Hear the behind-the-scenes of game developer’s processes, playtest their games, and connect with fellow game enthusiasts! Tickets are free!

An illustration of horsey, but with a dotted outline. It looks unfinished, and its body has a label saying 'hors'.

8min talks about the game’s behind-the-scenes

Playtesting sessions

An illustration of an apple with a bite mark on it. It's labeled 'monch.'

Free bites and non-alcoholic drinks whilst you mingle!

For Gamedevs

Interested in sharing your game with others? Submit your game to WIP Night for free!

We'd love to see your games, large and small, weird and delightful! Whether you're a studio, a team of friends, or going at it solo, so long as it's a work-in-progress or upcoming project with a unique talking point, we'd love to have you here!

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Past WIP Nights

WIP Night runs 3 times a year, check out the Australian indie games we featured in 2023!

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