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A game of flow by SMG Studios


Screenshot of Sp!ng


Apple Arcade

Tools Of The Trade:


SP!NG is a physics-based puzzle mobile game that lets you flow through beautifully hand-crafted levels with just one touch.

Developed by SMG Studios, discover the joys of swinging through the beautiful, and sometimes challenging, world of puzzles. Collect crystals, discover new worlds and test yourself as you swing branch to branch, avoiding obstacles.

We were brought on to provide additional development capacity, working alongside the producers within SMG to add features and fix bugs in the game. This helped free up their development team’s capacity to focus on other projects within their studio.

Dev Notes:

As an established team, we were able to hit the ground running. With a solid velocity from the start, enabling short sprints that added high value functionality and features to the game. For example, adding Apple Arcade specific features that were blocking builds from release.

Leveraging our experience in both Unity development as well as mobile design enabled the team to not just take in tickets and work on them, but also assist the producers with task prioritisation and accurate estimations.

As Apple Arcade titles must support iOS/tvOS/macOS, and all input styles across these target platforms, it was an interesting challenge and great opportunity to expand the team’s skill sets with cross platform design and development. We also had the pleasure of working with an external QA team, and would frequently work with them to track down possible issues within the game and find solutions to these issues.

Overall, our support enabled us to start delivering value quickly, leading to quicker turnaround times, and more valuable work being delivered!

The Studio's Favourite Moment:

We implemented a new gamemode, complete with support for leaderboards and achievements for this, and it was quite fun to see both the SMG team and external QA get to play this mode for the first time, not to mention the epic battle for the top of the leaderboard during development!